Plant a tree with every purchase you make!
Plant a tree with every purchase you make!


Program Inception is a project born in the FAIDOUT den.

The ideia is to create a way of helping the world, the people, the nature and the wildlife. For each sector we have one or more ways of helping, through a well know assossiations or FAIDOUT ideas. For each piece of merchadising that you buy a percentage will go diretly for a project and for a tree. 

Faidout™ Is for people who care for themselves and the earth. All things in store are organic, recycled, up-cycled, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly with some local handmade arts and craft.

Everything we sell has been tried and tested by a trusted friend or myself..

We started in 2005 selling at the local indoor markets, as my interest in Environmental Issue & Fair trade grew.

We had a small catalogue after that, and launched our very first website in 2009.
As the interest was growing more and more we built our brand new store Faidout (the one we using right now) in 2018 & using it for an online selling, to all the caring people. 


Enjoy your shopping experiences with us! Make a purchase and plant a tree. Help us live longer & healthier! 

Thank you, from all of us- Your Faidout.