Por cada compra efectuada uma árvore é plantada!
Por cada compra efectuada uma árvore é plantada!

About Us


Our priority? Bring you abord of this ship, cause we are going to set sail on an amazing odyssey.

Faidout is made of an intrepid team of Marine Biologists who have an active role in the preservation of ecosystems from an early age. With this launching pad and associated with some companies, which already had a significant role in the fight for a better world, it was possible for us to create Faidout, where we saw our dream come true!
By promoting the purchase of ecofriendly products, we managed to give birth to several projects spread around the world where we help to remove garbage from the oceans, save endangered species, plant trees and much more, it has been a mission done with a full heart, but many more fit in our arms, that's why we want to extend this challenge to all of you who want to embark on this endeavor.

As biologists, our goal is to take you on an incredible expedition and show you that any movement in favor of nature makes a difference, however small it may be.

For a long time humanity will be dealing with repercussions caused by our general attitudes towards nature.

This is a scary thought that clicked and woke us up, wake up with us.

- From all of us here at Faidout